Betabox Learning partners with the University of West Alabama for a Department of Labor Grant

June 22nd, 2020 – Raleigh, NC – North Carolina based hands-on learning company, Betabox, has secured a contract with the University of West Alabama to help implement a Workforce Development initiative funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor & the Delta Regional Authority. The initiative, LINCS, is designed to help develop a regional workforce based on industry-recognized standards, credentials, and identified needs in order to strengthen the economy and skill levels in a 10-county west Alabama rural region. Betabox is mobile, customizable, adaptable to different employer requirements, and is always at the cutting edge of innovative approaches and solutions for education and training. 

As the United States is facing rapidly increasing unemployment rates around the country, the LINCS program provides a unique opportunity for Betabox to help this region combat the economic downturn. This program will provide up-skilling and job training opportunities that will lead directly to job placement. 

The company will be building two custom Mobile Learning Labs to support the initial launch of the Workforce Development program. They will also provide transportation, logistics services, and coordination of the two Mobile Labs. To support the program, Betabox will be using its newest model of the Betabox Mobile Learning Lab. Named “BXG”, its design will allow the University to configure the interior of the lab, so it can be tailored to support the employer partners that UWA will be partnering with. 

“The Betabox Mobile Learning Labs fit not only with the objectives of the LINCS grant, but builds on our commitment to offer innovative and flexible training solutions for our regional employers. The Mobile Learning Labs allow us to reach individuals where they are in their communities, or at their workplace, thus strengthening the rural workforce pipeline,” said Dr. Tina Jones, UWA’s Vice-President for Economic and Workforce Development.      

Betabox is perfectly suited to support the needs of the LINCS program. Their Mobile Learning Labs provide the flexibility to meet the learner where they are, and to deliver solutions that improve the quality of education and learning, which ultimately raises the efficacy that this program will have. 

“Betabox is thrilled to partner with UWA to help catalyze the 10-county region under this generous grant award by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Delta Regional Authority,” said Greg Pearlman, Chief Success Officer. “We look forward to making a strong and lasting impact on the region and creating new opportunities for people that are pursuing better economic outcomes.”