Sumter County & West Alabama

There is a renaissance happening in Sumter County! With a new, bold attitude, the Sumter County community is leading the way among rural counties in Alabama and the nation in defining new, creative strategies for development and revitalization.  With the realization that there have been too many years of unmet challenges, the leadership of the community and the University of West Alabama, have set a new direction for growth and development.


Sumter County offers you . . . .

  • A strategic location in the heart of West Alabama, connected to major markets in the Southeast United State and globally
  • A state-of-the art, nationally recognized public charter school
  • ACT certified work-ready community
  • An excellent transportation infrastructure
  • A positive, encouraging climate for doing business
  • Abundant natural resources
  • A competitive tax environment for new and existing companies
  • A Right-To-Work state that secures the rights of employees
  • Workforce development and training for your current and future employees
  • A regional labor pool built on solid work ethic and dependability
  • Cost of living below the national average
  • Available sites for industry, distribution and commercial enterprises
  • A growing, regional university offering two-year technical programs through doctoral degrees
  • An environment that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship
  • A unique culture and heritage
  • A gorgeous rural setting and high level of livability

Hospitals, Pharmacies, and other services

Secondary and Higher Education

UWA Recreation Options, Parks, and many more!

Assets/Amenities, Lodging, Attractions, Events, and more!