Living in Sumter County and the Black Belt region of Alabama is truly a joy.  It’s rural living at its best. Yet only a hop, skip and jump to even more amenities in some of Alabama’s vibrant larger communities, such as Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. Here in our community neighbors know each other and work together.  There’s a unique friendliness that provides an atmosphere for cordiality and civility. The civic infrastructure is threaded with our history and heritage, culture and an eagerness to make good things happen.

Home to the University of West Alabama, Sumter County enjoys a unique edge in education and workforce development, cultural amenities and progressive leadership that often do not exist in most rural communities or even urban areas.  In other words, Sumter County offers the best in living.

In Sumter County, you can be working in an office, on the campus or in a manufacturing facility, and at the end of day, within just a few minutes, you can be on the water, in the woods or enjoying outdoor recreational experiences you want. Engage us and discover the excitement in our lives.