Sumter County Renaissance

This initiative is designed to provide the foundation and framework for an economic renaissance in Sumter County that leads to job and population growth, new investment, renewed and sustained economic vitality, quality living for all citizens, and full participation in the global economy.


Livingston Comprehensive Plan

In order to grow and achieve greater success, the City of Livingston, its citizens, and its businesses and organizations must work together. This Comprehensive Plan provides goals, strategies, recommendations, and a timeline for six key areas: Connections, Transportation and Streets, Housing, Economic and Community Development, Neighborhoods and Districts, and Community Facilities and Services.

Livingston Alive Strategic Plan

Livingston Alive is a comprehensive downtown revitalization effort that is focused on improving the vitality of Livingston, Alabama’s downtown district. Our effort stems from the Sumter County Strategic Plan, which places an emphasis on downtown revitalization in Sumter’s municipalities, as well as the Livingston Comprehensive Plan.

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